A simple prayer.

This is a prayer written that I just find to be truth in my relationship with God. Thought I’d share with you:

God, Jesus, my all…

There is so much to say, but where to begin? Where do I start to bring thanks for all you have done? Love unconditionally poured out. Yet often I have betrayed your love so pure. You offered me Eden; I chose my way. But you brought me back. Clothed in righteousness, you gave me your entire heart. So many times I have been like Gomer, prostituting my heart to other things.  You have always been faithful. You never gave up. You bought me out of my sin- freedom and liberty were my ransom.  For this I could never thank you enough. Until the day I die, I will not cease to return to you in my mistakes, failures, sin. You loved me in spite of my sin. How can I not love you back? How can I not be forever grateful for my life redeemed of sin and shame. Like the woman at your feet, I weep. Much I have been forgiven. I am yours. Now and forever, you are my all. You are my life. My healer. Redeemer. Deliverer. In my sin and weakness, your love is perfected and I am made strong. So much regard to all you have done, here is the beginning of my life of thanks and gratitude. I love you.                                                                 

Your Bride, Beloved…

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