1st Lt. David Johnson.

Just this week, I got word from my sister that we lost a friend. Although I had only met him a few times, I had kept in contact with him from time to time. He was my sister’s friend. David Johnson, a 1st Lieutenant in the United States Army, was killed in action in Afghanistan this week while being on foot patrol with his platoon. He was 24 years old. He was a Christian. He loved the Lord. He loved his country. He died serving both God and country. I am honored right now to be an American citizen knowing that David died honorably as a solder fighting in what he believed God called him to be a part of- not the war, but serving his country. I am honored to have met him. To have known him. I am honored and deeply proud of him.

 {My sister Delana and David at her commissioning ceremony in 2008}

To be honest, I cried on the other end of the phone when I received word of his death from my sister. I cried, yes out of loss, but strangely out of joy. I know that sounds crazy. But I read something his parents wrote in the statement of his death. They were proud of his son for dying heroically while serving God undoubtedly. His death is a beautiful parallel to our call to follow Jesus Christ. David did what God called him to do. He was a soldier and man of God. He died serving God, doing exactly what God called him to do. It inspires me. Whatever God calls me to, I want to serve God with that same passion. Even if my life is not at risk like his was, I can serve God boldly just the same. I can live just as honorably as dying honorably. David surrendered his life to the cause: serving God with all of his heart, his soul, his mind, his strength. I pray that I can do the same in whatever God calls me to in my life.

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