The Cause Within

I believe everyone has something that, at their core, they would do anything for. I am not simply talking about  something that someone enjoys doing but instead I am referring to that which is in our deepest part of our being. Our dream. Our purpose. The cause within. If we look deep enough, we each have one.

I have often dreamt about what I could do for the world. Realistically, I feel like I cannot offer much. I have often wondered that if I could do anything, be anything, be a part of anything, what would that be? I am incapable. However, those are the lies we tell ourselves to keep us from moving forward. Those are the very things that prevent us from doing exactly what we must. For the past seven or so years I have had such a burden for the sex industry-women of the night, madams, brothels, strip clubs, and…human trafficking. I have written about this many times. Finally, after years of discontent in my heart and an increasingly deep passion about this, I MUST ACT!

I cannot sit by and pretend like I cannot do anything. I cannot stand idly by as women and children are being sold as commodities and merchandises, then left for dead. I cannot maintain inaction while women, girls my age, continue to work the streets and clubs to make money off the lust of others. I cannot pretend that pornography does not affect me…or you. Men, women, and children alike are being filmed for the sake of fueling selfish desire. Yes you may say they choose it, but many do not. Regardless, I cannot ignore this burning in my soul to stop this or die trying. With God’s help, power of his love, and victory and freedom he offers, I need to this. I have no other option.

This is my cause within.


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