WARNING: This is taken from some friends’ blog and is explicit in nature in terms of the content being on sex and the Church’s response.

Coffee, Theology, and Jesus

Sex, everything we’ve done to destroy it.

Let’s face it, in MOST churches sex is still a pretty un-touched subject. And in a sense I don’t blame them. It’s uncomfortable. Society however, has chosen to make it a very public issue, therefore as a Christian I believe in fully engaging the discussion and offering a Christ centered view point. Be warned I’m not censoring subjects (will censor words), and if you are easily offended by subjects such as pornography then stop reading now.

Sex is a huge topic with major implications. In this post I’m going to focus more on the destruction and distortion of sex in our society more than anything else. One of the main ways society (American Culture in this case) has distorted sex is from the pornography industry (amazing we industrialize EVERYTHING don’t we?). Before I go any further let me make it clear that I…

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