The Corner.

The Liquor Loft, the G-Spot, and two creepy houses… and no this is not about some creepy Halloween porno.

Obviously, anyone can quickly figure out that the Liquor Loft has something to do with…you guessed it…alcohol. It is on one end of a corner that has, over the year, gained my attention quite a bit. It is a typical liquor store. Nothing too special about it. Next to it sits two rather sketchy houses that are unmarked yet used for some business… The other end of the corner sits the G-Spot. Unless you know this as the abbreviated name for a particular area of the female body, you may not guess what The G-Spot is. So let me enlighten you for a second. The G-Spot is simply a strip club. The only one in the area.

What does this corner have to do with me, a credentialed minister who works as youth pastor? Yeah I am hoping your first guess is not that I moonlight as a stripper or hang out in the Liquor Loft. For the past 11 years I have had a burden on my heart, something that has grown to be a part of me…something that I can’t get rid of. The sex industry, pornography, human trafficking… all of it. It bothers me. No it angers me. It makes me infuriated beyond what you would want to see. More than that, it breaks my heart. I know you might be wondering why something like that bothers me so much as I am not a part of the industry. But the fact of the matter is that I am so angry and saddened for the [mostly] women who are coerced, forced, and manipulated into the sex industry- prostitution, strip clubs, escort services, pornos, and more. That is not how it should be. If you think those areas don’t affect the women in them, or the men for that matter, soon get your hands on the book Naked and Bare…my book that is in the works of publication.

Every time I drive past that specific corner, my heart melts. It symbolizes more than just a strip club where horny men go to get pleasure. It is more than liquor and the fact that alcohol can and often destroys people. It symbolizes more than a bunch of people getting their fix, whatever that fix may be. It is about brokenness and being lost. Being confused. A few years ago that corner had a bust for human trafficking. Its had a bust for drugs. That corner shows that this world has a lot of problems and one of the biggest ones is that we, all humans, are self-driven. We want what we want. We want pleasure, we want this or that, so we go for it. We are all flawed. And that is why that corner saddens me yet angers me.

If we choose to pursue things that are only self-pleasing, we are no more than our own lord with our own kingdom. If we choose to take part in things that are damaging to the self, whether physical or emotionally…we risk losing ourselves in the process. The sex industry is on my heart, and has been for 11 years, human trafficking being a huge part, because it is the world’s greatest lie. All of it. Sexuality is good. It was created by God yet perverted by Man. Even alcohol can be good but is often used to numb, alter, or change a state of mind or behavior. Why?

Something is wrong with this world. Every time I drive by that corner, I see it representing brokenness, lies, and lack. Lack of Jesus. Lack of hope. Lack of trust. Lack of conviction. Self-seeking, self-pleasing, broken people having no idea what they have really gotten themselves into. That is why, for 11 years, I have been praying about this concept of the sex industry and people and how it relates to God. It is why I have to, by God’s grace and provision, pursue this with all I have to help show people a love that outweighs everything else. A love that restores.

I want to show women of the sex industry, regardless if it was by choice or forced, that God thinks of them as worthy, valuable, and beautiful. I want to show the men of the sex industry, whether by choice or forced or just a customer, that there is so more much than sex and that God wants to create them to be warrior poets [thank you Braveheart]. I want people to see that every relationship you have in your life, can and will be affected by the choices to be involved, in any form of the sex industry. I want people to see that alcohol, though it may be fun or relaxing, can be so damaging. Drink but be cautious. It can and will affect the rest of your life. And ultimately, I want all people to see that every choice we make, everything we do affects our lives for eternity.

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