A few election thoughts.

In light of election season, I decided I would write some thoughts. And no, don’t worry I will not be making this some agenda for Romney or Obama and if you do so by commenting about either, I will gladly and mostly likely ignore them.  In fact, this post is definitely for neither. Tonight during the second Presidential Debate of this year’s upcoming election, I realized something that is increasingly making me more and more angry. The Christians from both sides. Yes, I said it. I am not angry at Romney or Obama, Democrats or Republicans. I am angry at the poor example of Christ coming from Christians from either [or neither] side. While watching the debates, I was avidly watching the responses people were posting on Facebook and Twitter. There is so much arrogance, disrespect, and slander coming from Christian voters for both sides.

For Governor Mitt Romney people:
Who of you actually know him? Seriously? Do you know him well enough to decide that because he is a mormon he is or is not a true Christian? Just because he is a republican, for you conservatives out there, does not mean he is necessarily the godly choice. Just because he claims faith does not make him flawless or perfect. It does not give you the right to bash or slander President Obama because guess what, for at least 3 more weeks [technically until the inauguration] he is your President and there is a Biblical mandate to honor and respect him, regardless if you voted for him. And stop saying he is the Anti-Christ! Get over your spiritual pride thinking you know everything God has for this nation.  Your party is not the godly one. And in case you did not know, Romney is not God, and therefore fallible.

For President Barak Obama people:
First, I am no racist but this subject really gets me going. In the previous election, post announcement of his victory, I was called a “nigger hater” by a group of African-Americans on my university campus solely because I was telling them to be quiet. It was after  sound curfew [11pm] and out of respect for fellow classmates I was asking ALL Obama and McCain supporters to quietly celebrate or mourn for their party. What still amazes me is how so many African Americans in this election still claim they are not racist yet have made voting for Obama a race issue simply because they are black. Again, I am not a racist- not even close. But my challenge to you who are African-American, be cautious using race as your reason for voting in this election or any other. Also, just like the Romney voters, stop slandering him. Stop saying he is this or that. Regardless of truth, remember that Obama is not perfect just like Romney. Your party is also not the godly one.

I don’t mean to post this blog to stir up dissension among friends, family, and especially not the Church. In fact, my intentions are for avoiding disunity and do bring a focus on something beyond who wins this election. Church- Christians- we should not be allowing for ourselves to be consumed in discord and hatred- slander, gossip, and arrogant talk- not should we allow for ourselves to bring division in our Body as believers in Jesus Christ. Remember always, that we serve God through Jesus Christ first and foremost. The moment you put anything- and I mean anything above that- you have created for yourself an idol. And beyond that, remember that we are all flawed and imperfect. Romney, Obama, you and I are all imperfect and in need of grace. As a Christian, I challenge you to pray for your leaders across the board- your parents, your boss, your teachers, your pastors, your governors and your President. It is Biblical to pray for those that God has established within authority. Pray for God’s name to be honored. Pray that above all, God’s will be done.

“We love villains. We need them. Politicians make great and easy villains. But life is rarely that simple. Put your stone down.” -my friend Bryan Ward

One thought on “A few election thoughts.

  1. Renee' Z.

    I just want to leave this throught. I heard a while ago from a very well known pastor on TV. Very powerful. He said; asking the audience do you really think that Jesus Christ is concerned about if you are Democratic or Republican. But know that there is a King of King that is powerful and raining over this nation.

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