God is so interesting.  he controls so much. he is the one holds the time…what we want, desire, strive for, and reach to sometimes aren’t always able to be caught in within our grasp.  sometimes things just don’t work out.  sometimes things aren’t meant for that time.  yet others were destined for that moment.  they were designed by God to take place in those moments.  ITS GOD’S TIME…its all about him and what he wants for us, what he desires, what he strives for our lives, and what he wants us to reach.  God knows what he is doing in our lives…its just the matter of us trusting him.  we have to have a certain amount of faith in God to understand, maybe not fully comprehend, God’s will for our lives.  it may make us have to sacrifice or surrender things, but in the end it’ll all be worth it when we see God’s face.

“Something tells me that this is going to make sense
Something tells me it’s going to take patience
Something tells me that this will all work out in the end”

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