God so much has been happening.  i don’t really ever understand what is going on or what you are doing in my life.  but i need your reassurance.  i need your guidance and your hand to always be there for me. 

i wrote this poem based off of the circumstances i have been faced with.  how sometimes you hit a place where you can’t go any further…you break.  but that breaking point finally lets you breathe again…even though I PROMISED MYSELF I WOULDN’T CRY:

i can’t understand; i wish i knew why

my soul is about in a pace
inside me screaming “i am weak”

the pain i cover with but simple lace
desperate spirit is only meek

my heart is running as in a race
but it is that i wish to seek

tears streaming down my face
the wetness is upon my cheek

i promised myself i wouldn’t cry

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